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Bigfoot prints is dedicated to the pursuit of the underground magician and his needs for original material. You will not find all the main stream magic that all the other shops carry. Instead you will find material that no one else is doing, material that you can fool all the other magicians with. When you see what Bigfoot has to offer you will want to come back time and time again...!

The modern magician is a profound deceiver, both in words and actions; he says what he does not do, he doesn't do what he says, and what he actually does he takes particular care not to say anything about... "

Jean Eugene Robert Houdin

Note from bigfoot: Hot,!

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Monthly Picks

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Food For Thought...this is a great project that we hope everyone will take part in!
Encyclopedia of thimble magic
...All the Magi here love this item, thimbles are getting so popular again!
Ultra Astonish-mint...This is subtle, aside from being a great routine it is a lesson in true misdirection, if you think you know how this is done you are only half way there, this is worth every penny!


Amazing Magic

Here is an interesting take on the keys and padlock effects. Under the guise of the escape artist you find the working key in a magical way!